What is the difference between potassium polyacrylate and sodium polyacrylate?


potassium polyacrylate: water retaining agent for plants

sodium polyacrylate: absorbent material of diaper, sanitary napkins, etc.

Process of absorbing

potassium polyacrylate: white powder => transparent water gel

sodium polyacrylate: white powder => white water gel => transparent water gel

Decomposition time

potassium polyacrylate: more than two weeks

sodium polyacrylate: in one week

Decomposition product

potassium polyacrylate: K+, carbon dioxide, water, etc.

sodium polyacrylate: Na+, carbon dioxide, water, etc.


potassium polyacrylate: high

sodium polyacrylate: low


It’s unwise to use Sodium polyacrylate as water retaining agent. It’s no working and would cause salinization of soil.

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