super absorbent polymer for Grow Seedlings

Group SAP For Agriculture
PriceUS $2.6-2.99 / kilogram
Min. Order 500 kilogram
Terms of Payment L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union
Update Time 2020-08-14
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Super Absorbent Polymer For Agricuture

- Hydrogel Polymer increases the water retention   capacity of the soil
- Effectively reduces irrigation frequency
- It limits water and nutrient loss through soil   leaching
- Hydrogel Agriculture reduces evaporation rate   preventing water loss
- It improves the physical properties of the soil by  enhancing aeration
- Hydrogel usage reduces water stress when mixed   with a substrate
- Enhances plant growth by providing water and nutrients right at the root zone of the plants,reducing wastage
- Reduces erosion and water runoff
- Enhances plant performance, especially in arid   areas
- Protects the environment against drought and   groundwater contamination
- Acts as an insulating material for plant roots in     frosty winter conditions
- Reduces fertilizer usage