Application of Water Retention Agent in Slope Treatment

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Update Time 2020-09-07
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Due to the slope, especially the steep rock slope, the soil layer is not fertile, water is not easy to preserve, and it is difficult for plants to take root and germinate. Mixing plant water retention agents with other soil stabilization techniques can increase the water retention rate of sloped soil.

Plants can grow normally, can reduce irrigation water and improve plant resistance. The use of water retention agent can increase the emergence rate of ryegrass, improve its drought resistance, reduce the amount of irrigation, and make it appear early. Greening roadbed slopes with water retaining agent can increase the survival rate and preservation rate of seedlings, increase the soil moisture content of the root layer, promote plant growth, and increase the survival rate of seedlings by 7% and the growth rate by 19.2%. , The soil moisture increased by 1.83%.